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Introducing Fabpixi

Fabpixi – The fabulous picture switching service

We are really excited about Fabpixi. By combining a simple switchable fabric print system with a uniquely inspiring image bank, we’ll change the way all kinds of businesses and organisations think about their interior graphics. How

It’s a simple idea. We print your graphic image onto fabric, which then slots into an elegant aluminium frame that we install for you. So simple to use, the Fabpixi frame system lets you replace your print whenever you like, using lightweight fabric prints that we post to you. Even better, you can send your old prints back to us for recycling. System

We put our extensive image bank at your disposal, offering thousands of unique images and all the visual inspiration you could ever need. Alternatively you can simply upload your own images. What’s more, we can add your words and logos to make sure the finished printed graphic is exactly as you want it. Images

We know that you’re busy and working to a tight budget, so we provide obligation-free advice for planning your system to suit your space and your budget. And once we’ve installed your fabric system, there is no looking back.