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What is Fabpixi?

Fabpixi is the fabulous picture switching service.

It’s a simple idea. We print your graphic image onto fabric, which then slots easily into an elegant aluminium frame that we install for you. So simple to use, the Fabpixi frame system, lets you replace your print whenever you like, using lightweight fabric prints that we post to you. Even better, you can send your old prints back to us for recycling.

Fabpixi is hugely versatile.

We put our extensive image bank at your disposal, offering thousands of unique images and all the visual inspiration you could ever need. Alternatively you can simply upload your own images to the site for us to print. What’s more, we offer free studio support and can add your words and logos, then send you the layout before printing, to make sure the finished printed graphic is exactly as you want it.

Fabpixi is at your service.

We know that you’re busy and working to a tight budget, so we provide obligation-free advice for planning your system to suit your space and your budget. And once we’ve installed your fabric system, we’ll help you find your perfect replacement images and provide any aftersales service you might need.

Fabpixi is the future.

By combining a simple switchable fabric print system with a uniquely inspiring image bank, we’ll change the way all kinds of businesses and organisations think about their interior graphics. With Fabpixi you can simply and easily transform your space, whenever you want and as often as you like. Looking for switchable office graphics, changeable promotional displays, innovative retail graphics or interior wall art? Fabpixi is the answer.

Who we are

Fabpixi is brought to you by experts.

We’re the brainchild of VGL, a renowned screen and digital print company. Since 1976 we’ve built a reputation for excellence and we’ve long been at the forefront of print innovation. We’re the market leaders in digital printing, offering our commercial customers a range of innovative products encompassing everything from promotional graphics to outdoor media. We’re still a family-run company and all our print is managed and produced at our workshops in Reading.

Fabpixi is a sister company to Surface View.

At VGL we also have an eye for the beautiful and the curious. In 2006 we launched Surface View, offering professional quality bespoke print direct to customers. Combining innovative print products with highly curated image collections from the big names in art, design and culture, Surface View transforms domestic and commercial interiors and is now a unique presence in the world of design and graphics.

Fabpixi is the natural progression.

For us, our fabulous new service is a logical next step, and the perfect blend of VGL’s expertise and Surface View’s eye for design. We’re convinced that fabric represents the future of interior print. By combining it with our smart print system, extensive imagery and expert service, we’ve created Fabpixi – a fabulous picture switching service that will transform your space as much as you want and whenever you like.

Responsible Production

It’s fair to say that any manufacturing uses resources and energy, but we think it is our responsibility to encourage ways to help minimise its impact on the environment. That’s why we are so passionate about our Fabpixi – the smart fabric print system. We love our fabric prints not just because they achieve a stunning graphic display but because they are environmentally sound too. Our revolutionary printers use water based inks. They’re odour-free, don’t harm the skin and are free of VOCs – that’s Volatile Organic Compounds to you and me. This means that the resulting fabric print is 100% recyclable. What’s more, Fabpixi replaces the need for other products such as boards and plastics, which are difficult to recycle and heavier to transport. Our lightweight Fabpixi prints are easier and more energy-efficient to deliver, reducing your carbon footprint. Even our largest banners can be folded into small jiffy bags and sent directly to you. And with every print we also supply a prepaid envelope for you to return your unwanted old prints, and we’ll happily recycle them for you.

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