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Fabpixi is the smart
fabric print system.

Print system
Bespoke sizes
Fabric prints
Choice of finishes
Single or double-sided
Easy to switch
We’ll help you plan your
system, images and budget,
for FREE and with no obligation
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All you need to know
about the Fabpixi system.

Print system

Fabpixi is designed as a switchable graphics system, so changing images is simple. We print your image onto fabric, which slots into the slim aluminium frame that we deliver and fit. You can replace the printed graphic whenever you like, using replacement images which we send you in the post, and which you can simply change yourself. Easy.

Bespoke sizes

How big do you need? Our frames – sometimes known as matrix frames – are made bespoke for you, in sizes from 1m x 1m up to 8m long x 3m high. From a handy poster size, right up to an entire wall graphic. The frame depth is just 16mm for a single wall-mounted system, or 32mm for double-sided systems.

Fabric prints

Your image is printed onto lightweight recyclable fabric with sewn silicone edges. You can install replacement printed graphics yourself although larger sizes may require two people (or we can do it for you). Even our largest banners can be folded and sent directly to you. With every print, we also supply a prepaid envelope for you to return your old prints to us for recycling.

Choice of finishes

What suits your space?

Choose your frame in Black, White or Aluminium.

Single or double-sided

Choose the system you need. Single-sided Fabpixi frames are wall mounted to create stunning wall graphics, while double-sided frames are freestanding and make great room dividers. Both systems are also available back lit, get in touch to find out more.

Easy to switch

Our pull release system makes it easy for you to remove your printed graphic. Simply slot your new printed graphic into the slimline frame. See how.

We fix, you switch

Fixed price installation

We’ll visit your workplace, install your Fabpixi frame and fit your first print. The delivery is free, while the installation cost is a fixed price of £365, wherever you are in the UK.

Free 7-day delivery

Once your Fabpixi system is set up, switching printed graphics is easy and quick. Your new printed graphic is delivered free of charge in the UK, and within 7 working days of your order. Send your old prints back for recycling in the pre-paid envelope.

Switching is easy

Here’s how

With clean hands, pull the quick release tab and your print will simply peel away. Unfold your new print from the packaging. Fix the corners first, then slide the silicon edges into place. The fabric is designed to ‘give’ a little, and your finished print should be nicely tensioned. Larger prints may require two people, or we can install them for you. You can send your used and unwanted prints back to us for recycling.

Here’s one we made earlier

We made this little film for Surface View, watch it to find out how the Fabpixi system works.

We're at your service

Image Bank

Endless inspiration. Choose from 1000s of stunning images, all included in the price.

Studio Support

We offer FREE planning and studio support, to give your printed graphic the professional touch.

Installation Service

We install your
Fabpixi frame and
first printed graphic
for a fixed fee.

Free 7-Day Delivery

Ready to switch?
Order your new printed graphic online, and we’ll post it to you.

We’ll help you plan your
system, images and budget,
for FREE and with no obligation.

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